Literary Services

We can guide you through the self-publishing of any genre of book: weather it’s a Mythology, Romance, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Religious, Philosophy and Business titles too. Whatever your needs, we’ll guide you. To overcome the hurdles of Publishing and of other creative tasks, like, writing, & re-writing and editing & re-editing and presenting it to the best, we present a team, consisting of some of the best professionals from the industry. We are quick, we are nominal, and we are the best.

We at Pugmark, believe that everybody has a story to tell, but figuring out how to tell that story and to widest of audience, can be difficult at times. Along with providing efficient Publishing Services, we do offer most creative and genuine Literary Services for writers and their aspiring goals, towards maximizing potential value of their books and ideas.

“With years of expertise in providing Publishing and Literary Services, here are some of the services which you should avail, before you plan to take your book further. ”


Editing: No matter how many times you peruse the pages of your book, picking up every single inconsistency before publication, you must have a professional editor. Choosing the right editor is a key element to the success of your book, but not all editors are created equal. They’re a special breed with special skill sets. We’ve collected a powerful stable of development editors, copy line editors, and proof editors. 

Proof Reading: Depending on the book of your dreams you might need an illustrator or a photographer. Maybe a ghostwriter or a writing coach. But you’ll always need an editor. We have a best team of proofreaders at our inhouse publications

Book’s Interior Designing/ Typesetting: Have you ever noticed why from one book to the next, the font, sizing, and chapter headings are all different? Designing the interior pages of your book is as complex as the outside cover, and what suits someone else’s book may not suit yours. Our interior book design experts will work with you to establish what your customers require. Will your target audience need a more substantial font? Do you prefer a custom designed chapter heading?

We want to make your book as aesthetically pleasing and as unique as possible, so let our experts talk with you about placement, design, and size that best reflects the audience you are targeting.


Cover Designing: Many of us are guilty of judging a book by its cover, and if you want that cover to have people drawn to your book, then taking advantage of some of the best book cover designers in the country is a must. Luckily, we have those people right here at Pugmark.

ISBN & Copyrights: Worried for the content of the book, here we assure you 100% safety regarding the ISBN’s and your copyrights.

Translation: Done with your Language, get into another. Get your work translated into any of the National/International language to reach audience that is beyond your reach.

Book Marketing: The good news is that a lot of marketing practices these days are FREE! And they’re powerful. We’ll try to keep you up to date on those via our “Marketing Tips” page, but there’s another way to do your book marketing: delegate! A lot of book marketing practices are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and they also require knowing the right people, knowing your way around a system, and knowing what a complete waste of time and money is. That’s why we found the best of the best of the very best book marketing professionals.

Review Services: Get your book reviewed from the best Reviewers and Bloggers across the country including leading Bollywood and Tollywood stars and that too at a minimum span of time.

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